Strategy is the key on this hole, which presents the player with a wide, flat landing area for the tee shot. However, the fairway starts to drop into a ravine (with a creek at the bottom) approximately 250 yards from the white tees, so a layup drive is definitely the play for long hitters. The opening in the trees across the ravine is much more narrow than the fairway, so placement of the tee ball is very important. There is no point in attempting to drive across the ravine, since the hill at the other end of the chasm is very steep, and is one of the least-mowed roughs on the course. The smart play is to within 130 yards of the green in the center of the fairway, to set up a good approach shot. The two-tiered green has a slight back-to-front slope from the large back tier, to a small front tier.


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